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She’s dead and her character was exhumed so that it can be stabbed by anyone who heard about her plight. She’s dead but they just won’t let her die. I don’t recall when was the last time I went through such emotions for someone I don’t even know. She was just 14 years old! Was he under the influence when he held that press conference? Or is that reminiscent of the character of India’s law enforcing agencies?

Maybe they know what happened. But this is sheer mutilation at will. What happened to ‘Innocent till proven Guilty’? Maybe they didn’t come across this in their training. Why is everyone behaving like rustic pompous fools? Taliban executed women and men in public, in stadiums, pronouncing them guilty of crimes against their barbaric laws. How different are they from the Taliban militia?

It’s turning into genocide now. They assassinated her family, her family friends, her dead helper’s family, and the childhood of each and every child who is watching the news, news with such graphic details. Every household discusses these murders. Each member in the family is now pronouncing their own verdict, their own versions of what must’ve happened.

I shiver at the thought of empathizing…


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